Ics.py is written and maintained by Nikita Marchant with the excellent help of Niko Fink.

Other contributors, listed alphabetically, are:

Many thanks for your contributions!

There are also a few modules or functions incorporated from other authors and projects:

  • utils.iso_precision includes something like 10 lines of Arrow’s, code, which is written by Chris Smith and under Apache license

A big part of the code was written at UrLab, an awesome hackerspace in ULB in Brussels, Belgium.

Thanks to:
  • arrow which provides a nice API for dates, times and deltas,

  • python-dateutil for parsing timezones from VTIMEZONE blocks,

  • requests for giving me inspiration from it’s beautiful and pythonic API (and its doc too),

  • six to have made the python3 transition easier,

  • #urlab for help and advice.


ics.py is under the Apache 2 software license.

How to contribute ?

Please see CONTRIBUTING.rst directly on GitHub.